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This Is Childhood: SEVEN

February 26, 2013

This week, I’m writing from the cozy confines of my bed as bronchitis has taken residence in my chest. The bronchitis is a faithful visitor, always up for a late February, early March visit. Although it’s a pain in the ass, at least it’s predictable and consistent.

It’s week seven of our This Is Childhood series, which means two things.

1. You get to read Tracy Morrison’s thoughtful look at Seven, and her appreciation of it as a unique journey for each child.

2. I am posting in two weeks, writing about the lovely, the complicated and the transitional Nine. To say that I’m nervous given the tremendous talent of the This Is Childhood group is an itty, bitty understatement.

As I read Tracey’s vivid, beautiful words about the tender age of Seven, I nodded and smiled at her post, my heart catching a bit knowing that Seven is the next step on Henry’s journey.

Please visit her blog to read her Ode to Seven.



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